The History of McKenna Adams

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Michael started his real estate career in Lewistown, Montana in 1978 brokering farm, ranch, residential and commercial real estate. Having built a well-rounded real estate practice, he decided to move his young family to Bozeman in 1986 and formed McKenna Realty. Tapping into a growing need for commercial properties, Mike transitioned his real estate practice working exclusively in commercial real estate.

Since the transition, McKenna Realty has been at the forefront of commercial real estate for the Gallatin Valley providing straightforward advice, creative solutions and strategic recommendations based on a skill set grounded in experience. As Bozeman has grown and developed over the last three decades Mike has advised, invested and developed commercial properties with successful results.

With more than thirty-eight years under our belt, McKenna Realty is able to assist our clients with deep rooted knowledge, an acute understanding of the various commercial opportunities in this market and access to a cross industry network of more than 3,500 professionals. These combined attributes allows us to offer one-of-kind, strategic solutions to your commercial real estate needs.


I joined McKenna Realty in the spring of 2013 with a background in real estate and a deep understanding of several different marketplaces across the country. I like to say that I round out the millennial half of our company, bringing a different perspective and professional network to the table for our clients. I am most passionate about the act of matching clients with a property that is right for them. It is a big commitment to buy a piece of property and it is a great feeling to know your client feels confident, educated and empowered in their decision.

“If I could give one thing to anyone interested in commercial real estate, in any capacity, is the knowledge that there will be challenges, that is the nature of the game - but we are here to find the solutions to those challenges!”

I grew up outside, riding and living on working horse farms. The early exposure to nature and outdoor recreation taught me to appreciate the depth of experience that is provided by spending time outdoors. But I’ve learned there is a difference between the East Coast, where I grew up and Montana. Since living here I have a greater appreciation and respect for the vast wilderness and I feel lucky every time I get a chance to explore it a bit more. Being a part of the Bozeman community allows for so many opportunities not only to enjoy the outdoors, but to be involved in preserving its beauty as well. My favorite things in the world are my two boys and my dogs they bring a smile to my face every day.

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Marley McKenna

I am a Montana native. Over the past decade I’ve owned, operated and sold multiple successful businesses. With a strong business background, I offer expertise in the commercial real estate world by understanding economics, location and how property affects the greater goals of any venture. Community, quality and ethical practice are the pillars of the work I do and I am motivated strongly by the desire to see our valley grow in a positive and sustainable way.

Giving back is a driving priority in this commitment. I’ve done this in part, by sitting on community boards that do excellent work in our community including The Downtown Business Association, Bridgercare and I currently sit on boards for The Women’s Business Center, Prospera and the Downtown Urban Renewal Development.

When I’m not busy working, I enjoy biking and skiing in the mountains with my husband Matthew and dog Xena.

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Michael L. McKenna

I have been in the real estate business since 1978 and have served the Gallatin Valley since 1986 . Through rapid growth as well as recession, I’ve been a fixture in the commercial real estate market, serving on several boards and working with various organizations in town. I have a knack for problem solving and have found that working with each individual and helping them fulfill their specific needs brings me the most satisfaction and allows me to look forward to each day. My goal for every client is to use my experience and skills to make transactions happen in the best way possible.

“If I could give one thing to every purchaser before they closed on a commercial property I would make sure they were fully educated in the market and have a clear understanding of the potential for the property they are investing in.”

I am extremely grateful to live in a state so spectacular as Montana with its unique and wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities and the seasonality of the times of year. Bozeman itself is special; it is an extremely interesting and dynamic place to live, not to mention the community of open and friendly people that call this place home. When not at the office you can find me enjoying all that Montana has to offer - fishing, hiking, camping and hunting. I am also an avid reader and have been a part of the same book club for over 20 years. My favorite things in the world are my wife, children, grandchildren and extended family.

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